AC Milan in the 2023/04 Season

Twitter 上的AS Roma English:\These two shipping companies were also part of a different alliance and the Global Alliance was chosen. In 1995 CGM sold its rights to the other two and withdrew from the Europe – Far East service. It takes him several days to do some shopping to be able to disguise himself. On the final day, he was given a starting place against Malmö FF, making him the youngest ever starting player for Juventus in the Champions League at 19 years and 179 days. He played two games for Villarreal itself, which rented him out to Recreativo Huelva in the same season, with which Valencia, as champion of the Segunda División A, was promoted to the Primera División. Di Lorenzo signed with Empoli in Serie B in 2017. He was relegated to Serie A in his first season. Transocean, the subsidiary of Transatlantic that participated in ScanDutch, also joined this with 15%.

AC Milan Casuals Hooded Jacket - Black Of the remaining TRIO members Hapag-Lloyd, MOL and NYK, the last two could not continue with each other and so Hapag-Lloyd joined the NOL service with NYK in 1994. MOL and K Line had been working together on Taiwan since 1980, and in 1983 MOL requested permission from the Japanese Ministry of Transportation to withdraw from service with the five others on the American west coast. After Hyundai joined the Global Alliance, it became the New World Alliance. For example, KMTC had to sell its ships to Hyundai in 1985 and KSC and Hanjin merged in 1988, but Cho Yang remained unaffected. It honored those objections in 1994, whereupon the members entered into a new agreement, the Trans-Atlantic Conference Agreement (TACA), to which Hyundai also joined. CGM withdrew from the Atlantic and OOCL joined the US in 1993 while withdrawing its own vessels and chartering two vessels. Larger ships followed and CMA surpassed CGM as the largest French container shipping company. The exchange meant that some 200 ships had to change sailing schedules. Between 1996 and 2005 the container volume grew about 2.5 times, while the TEU capacity of the ships increased by 2.76. In 1996 the selection, defending champions, managed to get through the first round by finishing top of their group, but lost 2-0 to Kuwait in the quarter-finals.

The remaining K Line, NOL and OOCL subsequently increased their capacity by 50%. Cho Yang and Hanjin briefly worked together, but this ended in 1990, after which Cho Yang continued with DSR-Senator in the round-the-world service Tricon. In 1997, however, DSR Senator was in dire straits and was taken over by Hanjin, which already owned 80% of the shares. The following year also marked the end of KSC's participation after the merger with Hanjin and in 1989 Cho Yang left the consortium. After several years of cooperation, DSR and Senator merged in 1994. The Tricon service that the shipping company maintained with Cho Yang worked on the Atlantic together with CMA and Cast from that year onwards. However, Cho Yang had to withdraw from the United Alliance in 2001 due to financial problems after several ships had already been chained. No fewer than eight teams qualified again, West Germany, England, the Soviet Union, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Switzerland. For example, state-owned CGM made losses for years and withdrew from more and more services when it was privatized in 1996.

In 1996, P&OCL and Nedlloyd also merged to form P&O Nedlloyd. Between 1996 it even took over CGM, before merging into CMA CGM in 1999. This was accompanied by the necessary fluctuations, which were exacerbated by the time between the economic boom in which more ships were ordered and the moment of delivery. In addition to the members that also sailed to Northwest Europe, Italia di Navigazione or Italian Line, Compañía Transatlántica Española or Spanish Line, Lykes, ZIM, Farrell, Contship Containerlines, Jugolinija and Evergreen, among others, were present here in varying partnerships. In it he also mentioned the negative effects of protecting the weaker members and not working at container terminals on weekends. In Denmark, partly due to injuries, he did not get to play much. Barzagli played some of those matches as captain, after then captain Eugenio Corini left for Torino FC in June 2007. As early as 1993, Maersk took over the Far East service and a few ships. In 1998, the container branch and name rights of Australian National Line were taken over, although P&OCL had already taken over the activities between Europe and Australia a few years earlier.

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