I was born in Milan ( Italy ) and I studied alto sax and guitar. From 1974 to 1985 I traveled around the world for studying African , Indian and Near East & Far East music I recorded music " on field " and I have studied and collected ethnic musical instruments by all the parts of the world . I recorded LPs and CDs for different European labels : Raw Materials records, Victò , Recommended records , Lowlands Island , Auditorium , Voiceprint / Gonzo Multimedia , Music from Memory. In 80' and 90' I broadcasted ethnic and electronic / experimental music from radio stations (Rai , Radio Popolare ). I composed and played music for videos and commercial spots , dance, live soundtracks for silent movie , for poems and theater . My LP "Water messages on desert sand", was Grammy-nominated in in UK on 1987. I developed digital interfaces for guitar (tactile and laser: "Extended Guitar") and I have developed video and audio installations where music and images changed togheter each other , in real time , triggered by movements , audio inputs and live cameras. From 80' till today I played with many Italian and European musicians : Giovanni Venosta , Claudio Gabbiani , Walter Prati, Giorgio Magnanensi, Massimo Cavallaro,Tiziano Tononi, Daniele Cavallanti ,Massimo Mariani ,Moni Ovadia ,Chris Cutler, Jon Rose, David Moss,Steve Piccolo, Elliott Sharp, Keith Tippett ,Third Ear Band ( plunderphonics).